February 8, 2017

About us

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Speed and Spark is one of the start up started by young dynamic business  entrepreneurs at an aspiring age filled with ambitions and successful chase offs. Dr. Vijay Vichare and Japjit Singh the founders of the organization have been in constant efforts to make up the dreams that they have envisage to spread speeding cheerful smiles with an assured business opportunities to everyone who has aspirations to fly and reach high. The founders vision has been integrated in the business model where they encompass opportunities that people have but not the confidence to standby and make it successful. The layout of the business model is such that the model takes care of the confidence that the common man lacks by making the system transparent with the necessary business information flow. The current business model is making through for the travel service industry a revolutionary breakthrough by its ongoing process of producing future fleet owners in the automotive car sector of travel service industry.

Speed and Spark as a Brand for “Velocitaa Fleet Solutions (P) Ltd.” is involved in providing business opportunities to people from any strata of the society who are looking for alternate (second) income possibilities. We look forward for ourselves as one of the leading business opportunity providers to all people who feel that they have to be describes as entrepreneurs in their life. Currently, We have designed our Business Model in such a way that our business model allows people to invest in us for their business prospects which are assured (fixed income) on terms for a tenure of four years. The current model involves making entrepreneurs as future fleet owners in the automobile sector of the travel service industry.
For the successful operations of the current business opportunity that we have tie ups with the corporate companies, BPO’s, production houses that requires cars on monthly fixed packages for an assured kilometers traveling distance.
On the ongoing good will that we have generated so far in last hardworking days is the fleet of 150+ drivers and 100+ vehicles generating a good volume of business amounts.
Currently, our customized digital software- SPEEDPROVJ- is a digital tool that we are using to monitor the business efficiently and cost effectively.


Our mission is to become one of the leading business opportunity providers for people who wish to establish themselves as future entrepreneurs in their life.

Financial insecurities leveraged on common man is a common insight that has been overly prompted with anxiety, anger, depression and many more fearful words. Our mission is to lead the path where the journey aheads for financial freedom by utilizing the business opportunities that we will be creating for the common man to be on the journey of being special.

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