September 3, 2017

Existing Car Program

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We, at SPEED AND SPARK have also integrated income opportunities for customers who already own a T-permit Car with all the necessary documents.
The existing car owner program is being formed with a Vision of helping the existing car owners who have been currently facing instability in their tours and travels business. Car owners currently facing problems because of the dependencies that they have on drivers to manage their business can ANYTIME come to us for an assured business income on their cars.
The existing car owners to attach the car has to follow the following steps:
Before attaching the car, The car team auditors will visit and inspect the car at the said location.
The inspection will have an insight of the following parameters to asses:
Date of Buying /
Engine / Interior and exterior assessment
Running Kilometers in actual to assess the running condition
Car accessories assessment
Car auto parts assessment

These assessment reports are produced at the office and thereby a decision on the fixed car hire income on the car is taken by the office administrators.
The Fixed revenue Model agreement is signed for a term of one year to maximum 3 years depending on the cars working condition.

The existing car owners program business fees is determined according to the segment of the car.

TO attach the car with SPEED AND SPARK


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