August 26, 2017

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We offer quality services to our customers in many disciplines of the travel service industry.We are in involved in facilitating the business process that a customer has to go through for the proper establishment of the business in the automotive sector. We have our own defined digitalized customer business establishment seven success steps to follow for the proper setting up of the business. The seven steps for the business establishment had been made a sucess through because of the renowned vendors that we have tei ups with for the facilitating of the business process.


A). Pre Car Registration Services:

Facilitating Services offered by “Speed and Spark” to the Customer are:

Gumasta Registration– our tie ups with the vendors simplifies the process for the first step for establishing the business by registering the business with the respective Municipal Corporation Councils to obtain a certificate for business registration.

Car booking with Dealers.- We have long trusted dealers tied up with us for car booking process. the dealers are predefined for the model and make of the car segment and category.

Loan process with Bank/ Finance Company
Finance Channel tie-ups are then the most crucial step for the process flow. In context for same, many necessary Nationalized, Commercial, Co-operative and private finance channels have been connected so as to get done the finance process through either of them smoothly.

The insurance obtained for the car is a ZERO depreciation type for any model/segment/ category of Car.

Speed governor procurement and fitting and Car registration process with the Regional Transport Office (RTO)is as well done efficiently by our established vendor channels in the source industry.

Car Delivery.
Congratulations on the new car and make ready for the customer to sign a ‘FIXED REVENUE MODEL SERVICE AGREEMENT’for the next services to be availed.

B). Post Car Registration

Consumer Services offered by “Speed and Spark” to the Customer are:

1. Car – Hire Service on a “Fixed Revenue Model” along with the term sheet and conditions which has different emoluments designed by our business model understanding the Investment.

2. Driver Providing service With no salary to be given to the driver by the customer

3. Car Maintenance services are offered for the tenure of the revenue model service agreement.

4. Management of the driver and business to produce a desired outcome on finances to pay out.